"The Future belongs to Those who see Possibilities

 BEFORE they become Obvious"


Looking for the Perfect Business Opportunity without BIG capital? THIS IS IT...





“The Secret Oil and Gas Business Industry That Started Billionaire Mike Adenuga's Wealth in

1991… And How You Can Tap Into It in 2016  

To Create Enormous Wealth For Yourself

And Your Family WITHOUT A Huge Capital”


25 years ago, the man you’ll be looking at his picture shortly risked his all to go into a secret business opportunity that opened the doors of wealth to him.


Today, you have ONLY THIS CHANCE to profit big with the same secret business opportunity.


And it’s perfect for you because it requires,  no experience, no certificate, no gender discrimination, no huge start up capital, no godfather, no computer and definitely, needs no physical office ever.



From the desk of: Akanni Abel



 Hi my name is Akanni Abel, CEO  De_fidelity Marketing Enterprise, a company registered with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) Nigeria , I want to share with you an amazing story.


 It’s about how I discovered the perfect business and how Africa’s 2nd richest man, Mike Adenuga, got introduced to it and used it to start his business empire, one which today has made him worth. . .



Over $5.1 Billion US Dollars


In fact, Chief Dele Momodu, one of Africa’s most legendary publishers, a former Nigerian presidential candidate, and a protégé of billionaire Mike Adenuga, speaking on Adenuga, he said: “No one in Africa is as rich as Mike Adenuga.”


Rumour has it that Mike Adenuga is actually richer than Aliko Dangote (last worth $13.8 billion). But because he refused to talk Forbes magazine only assumed his worth solely on his stake in his telecom company Globacom Holding, which was worth $5.1 billion.


I think this story will be a real eye-opener because it will not only help you see how the riche Nigerians tap into this secret money well. . .


But also show you that it’s possible for anybody, including you, to get started just like them, in this ‘brand new business system which requires...



No experience,


No certificate,


No huge start up capital,


No gender discrimination,


No god father,


No computer and definitely,


Needs no physical office ever.



Think such a business does not exist?


Well, think again.


Because you’re about to discover...


How Adenuga’s Mother, Chief Mrs. Onyindamola Adenuga Discouraged Her Son, Otunba Dr. Mike Adenuga From

Going Into The Business System Which He Used

To Build His Enormous Wealth.


I hope this story will be a wake-up call. And after reading it, you will be among the first set of people to cash in on it and profit, before there’s a rush.


But first let me ask you this:


Do you feel restless? Do you feel frustrated about your finances? Are you living from one salary to another with no hope of a better future in sight?


Do you feel there is a better way when it comes to earning a cool surplus of over N600,000 monthly?


The GOOD news: There IS a better way, but it's different from what you were taught in school.


If You Could Meet An Angel To Grant Your Every Wish,

What Will Make Up Your Ultimate Business List?


Do the following sound like something you would give

anything to have in your ultimate business?


  No boss


  No alarm clock


  No commute to work


  No employees (optional)


  No office politics


  No discrimination


 Great product/service


  Something positive


  Unlimited income

  Something meaningful


 Low risk




  Personal growth


 Low start-up costs


  Contribution to worthy causes




  Tax benefits





Think such a business does not exist?


Well, I'm going to Shock You with the Proofs that it does exist and so you can get started with it before others see the light.


And so.....


Here's The True Story Of  Billionaire Otunba

Dr. Mike Adenuga Oil and Gas Business



Billionaire Otunba Dr. Mike Adenuga

(Oil Baran aka The Bull)

In 1953 Dr. Mike Adenuga was born to his father, Chief Mike Adenuga Senior was a school teacher and the mother...



Chief Mrs. Onyindamola Adenuga was a successful businesswoman in Ibadan.



In the late 1980's on a hot afternoon at Ibadan, Dr. Mike Adenuga told his mother he planned to go into a business which for the first time she refused her beloved son to enter.



That Business Was Called

The Oil and Gas Business!



You may be familiar with this part of the story. What you haven’t been told is:



His mother actually queried "the sense in throwing money into a bottomless pit by investing in oil exploitation under the name of Consolidated Oil".


Not many gave him a chance of success but the extremely daring man felt no venture, no conquest. He stuck to his guns and his gamble eventually paid off, and he joined the big league of oil barons.



Has It Also Happened To You Before?


You told the people closest to you (maybe your spouse, friend, mother) that you wanted to do something, meet someone....or achieve something, only for them to laugh at you...mock you and discourage you?


But then, despite them you took the risk and it paid off, just like it paid off for Dr. Mike Adenuga?


You Are Not Alone!

It Also Happened To Nigeria's Billionaires

And Top 20+ Richest People In Nigeria


Most of these top wealthiest Nigerians went into the SAME Business that Dr. Mike Adenuga's mother discouraged him from, such as:



1. Alhaji Aliko Dangote – Dangote Group, (Manufacturing)
2. Mike Adenuga – Conoil (Oil & gas, Banking, Telecom)
3. Femi Otedola – Forte Oil and Gas (Oil & gas)

4. Folorunsho Alakija – Famfa Oil (Oil & gas)
5. Abdulsamad Rabiu – Bua Group (Oil & gas, manufacturing)
6. High Chief O.B. Lulu Briggs – Moni Pulo (Oil & gas)

7. Hakeem Bello Osagie – Etisalat Nigeria (Telecom)
8. Sani Bello – Amni Petroleum (Oil & gas)
9. Jimoh Ibrahim – (Insurance, transportation, Oil & gas)

10. Jim Ovia – Zenith Bank, Visafone (Banking, Telecom)
11. Alhaji Sayyu Dantata – MRS Group (Oil & gas, construction)
12. Oba Otudeko – Honeywell (Manufacturing, Oil & gas, telecom)

13. Up to the Top 30 wealthiest Nigerians.



From the list above, what is the Number One Business

done by Nigeria’s Top 20+ Wealthiest people?


 It’s the Oil and Gas Business!



This business has been responsible for making Millionaires, NO...


…Billionaires in dollars out of some lucky Nigerians. This oil and gas business done was secretly done by people with powerful friends but is...


...NOW recently made available to the public and I’ll reveal how you too can have even if it’s a small 1% of the income gotten from the business with very, very little startup capital, even without start up capital.


Infact, here's what Forbes Magazines, April 2014 edition has to say about his wealth...










I made N200,000 in...my First Month!




"I started my oil and gas business 27th February 2014.


My experience have been very exciting, challenging and sweet. through out the process i have seen what determination and persistence can do to ones life.


Before I started my Oil & Gas business I was into cakes decoration and sale of jeweries at a

 Very low scale just to keep body and soul.

It was so frustrating cos I can't meet up my obligations or support my husband.


Since I started my Oil & Gas business its been awesome. In my first month I made about N200,000 and that has been the least till this point.


I have been able to free from debts, resume projects that where abandoned, support my Husband and my children.


There was a time when i could by just N200 DVD for my children, even educational materials that can help their studies, it was really painful you only need to be there to understand it.


I used to watch my children deprived and all I could do was cry, pray and hope for a way out. But today, thanks to Mr. Akanni Abel , our story has changed.


I even got some of my family members involved and their story has also changed. Thank God for Mr. Akanni and all who made this happen.

Racheal Omopariola




Dr. Mike Adenuga started his oil & Gas business since 1991.

Fast forward 23 years later, this business opportunity in the same industry is alive and well.


Want to learn how to get started?


Let Me Tell You How I Discovered The Oil Business

From One Keke Seller


As you know as a young Lagos state guy in my late twenties, what do you think is topmost on my mind after going to school?


You guessed right!


It's how to make some money...since there are no readymade high paying jobs lying around.

(Side Comment: Maybe that's how you got to this website, you too want to make money, so watch what I say from here on...)


So sometime around April 2013, I raised some money and wanted to buy the newly introduced "Keke Napep" by the Lagos state  governor  to keep body and soul together.


I went to a friend at Akure who sells it and while we were chatting he introduced me to the oil and gas business.


Well, I took the business like a pinch of salt and partnered few weeks later.



I started my oil business like a joke...


But You Won't Believe What Happened In My First month!

I Made My First N240,000 From The Oil Business!!!


It was like a dream!


I mean I know some of my banker friends who earn around N80,000.

I mean bankers o!


But something I started like a joke turned a N240,000 profit for me.


It gets better...


I then made over N350,000 in my next 2 months...EACH month!


Before I knew it, my oil business began bringing for me in excess of over N420,000 on slow months and above N600,000 on better months.


Listen, I'm barely 25years o!

If I can do this oil business, so can you!


Infact few weeks ago...


In the month of Nov. 2015 (few months ago), I made A

Total of N808,432 in ONE Month From My Oil Business


Between November 2015 and April 2016

over N10 Million Naira Hit All My Bank Accounts

As A Result Of This Oil Business





 Not an issue.


 But because of personal reasons, I will show you proofs from just one account - my NYSC    Zenith Bank account...


My Total Income Made in 3 Months = N6.5 Million Naira!!!

It's REAL my brother, my sister...!!! See LIVE PROOFS Below:


Feb. 2016, I made N2.8 Million in ONE Oil Deal

In the First Week of Feb. 9th 2016 in

(...this is NOT even counting the Total Oil Income For The Month)



Another N2.4 Million Naira in April 2016

From My Oil & Gas Business in 30 Days!





Few Months Ago, April. 2016, I made N2.4 Million in ONE Oil Deal

In the First Week of April 2016 in (...this is NOT even counting

the Total Oil Income For April. 2016)



November Last Year I Was Paid #500,000 For a Single Oil Deal





I have over many payment screenshot of them but I will stop here because of space .



This Same Oil and Gas Business Bought Me My Brand New Honda Accord Car within just 3 Month in the Business .







Not Just Me, but Meet some Young  Regular Nigerians who I've

helped start their Oil & Gas Business.


Meet Mr. Ajayi  P.


I made N2.4 Million In My First 3 Months

of My Oil & Gas Business & Went to Relax at Dubai

For A FULL Month! ...Courtesy Oil & Gas!






N302,000 Unbelievable Income

After 30 Days!




"My name is Patrick Nwagwu, I base in Lagos but work in PH, Warri and Anambra State.

I already work with an oil and gas firm, but I'm now doing my OWN lucrative, new Oil and Gas business part time.

I heard of this opportunity in Feb, March, April, May, June, July 2014 but I refused to get started until mid August 2014.


I decided to take my destiny in my hand, I borrowed money to get the blueprint.


Right now, I have paid back the money I borrowed and just last month...


I received the following N16,000 just a week I started my Oil & Gas business, then N24,000 in the following week and by the end of the month, I received N262,000 which when put together is N302,000 within a month of this new business!



With my first month's income, I was able to pay my children school fees, before then, myself and my wife were thinking where to get money to pay.




This business ROCKS!


My next income goal for the next 90 days is N2million.


Thanks so much to Mr Akanni for revealing this business to me.

Patrick Nwagwu





This business is perfect for any age bracket. It's a perfect Gift to a loved child, Cousin, Neighbor, Unemployed individual, Youth Corper, Stay at home mums, Higher institution Student etc. Just the passion for the biz and willingness to follow simple laid down instruction is required.



Now, I've Helped Numerous Others Make A 6 - 7 Figure Income.

Who Is Helping You? If NOBODY, then I can Help...


Now, I'm sure you are jumping up and down in your seat at the possibility of you making over N350,000 at least from your personal oil business.


Let me reveal something to you:


If N100,000 per month is your goal from your oil business, it's possible for YOU!


If N250,000 per month is your goal from your oil business, it's possible for YOU!


If N500,000 per month is your goal from your oil business, it's possible for YOU!


If N1 Million per month is your goal from your oil business, it's possible for YOU!



You think I'm just talking?


With me by your side, showing you exactly how to start up and run your oil deals, it will be a dream come TRUE... still in doubts?




Let me ask you...


When you make Your First N350,000 - N1 Million Naira From Your Oil Business, What Will Be

Your Worthy Cause?


Stop for a moment and think about it...


For me, my worthy cause is unveiling this oil and gas business opportunity to you!

I know you are so eager to get started and are already asking...


So What Is This Oil and Gas Business?


In summary, the Oil and Gas business is a business involving the useful materials gotten from crude oil. GBAM!


That's all I can say on the internet about it, so I don't start receiving unwanted attention from the BIG Boys.


And NO! You won't even touch or smell kerosene or diesel.


But here are some facts:


You are going to discover a Sneaky Way To Make

Lots of Money From The Un quenching Thirst

For Crude Oil products Like The Thirsty Crowd Above

Crude oil is an extremely important energy resource which makes the whole world run and will for many years to come.



Nigeria is Africa’s biggest oil producer with about 2.5 million barrels being produced a day.



This makes us the number fourth world exporter of oil.


Petroleum plays a huge role in the Nigerian economy, accounting for 40% of GDP and 80% of Government earnings.


In March 2014, according to CBN report, Nigeria made approximately N689.1 Billion Naira in oil revenue.



Can you now see why you have been missing if you have not started some sort of oil and gas business before now?


Frankly, if anybody told me that at my young age of 25+ years, I would have made my First N10 Million Naira, I would say "don't mess with me"...


...because I couldn't even dream such a figure!


But here and now, you too can start dreaming...


Because you WILL be among the the privileged few who start their own

N350,000 - N1 Million Naira monthly Oil and Gas business without owning a petrol station!



But Why Haven’t You Heard Of This Before Now?


That was the same question Patrick Nwagwu asked me when I first introduced the business to him, and here's why:



Reason # 1: The typical oil and gas business requires HUGE Capital.


I'm talking about a business that requires at least between N5 - N10 million naira, to buy equipments one tanker, lease a land etc)


So the typical young Nigerians with no rich parents or any inheritance CANNOT smell such a business not until NOW...


But NOW with less than 1% of the startup costs required you can start a N1 Million Naira per month Oil and Gas business.


Did you say N1 Million Naira per month?



You saw my own income proofs. It's not photoshop.


Of course, am not saying you would start making N1m immediately.


That would be a pure lie if I told you that, but you can start by making N100,000 monthly and then scale it up to higher figures monthly!


And it does NOT require millions of Naira to get started.



Infact, the start up cost is very, very small that even an undergraduate can raise the one-time start up oil and gas business investment cost.


Here’s the gist:


An American Multi-Billion Dollars Oil & Gas Company with her headquarters in the United States of America, with branches in over 20 countries of the world including Canada, Italy, Ghana, Philippines, Jamaica, South Africa, Germany,France, Greece etc…. 


…has recently introduced their oil and gas partnership to motivated, young Nigerians

 who desire to grab the oil and gas opportunity without owning a petrol station!





In fact, on the 9th of June 2014 here's another American company which invested $4 Billion Dollars in New Oil and Gas Deals, but NOT in Nigeria.




So here's....


Reason # 2: The few people doing this business are doing it UNDERGROUND.


It’s not obvious what they do. Think about it. They do not use an office.

There’s no need to.


They simply use a cyber cafe and their phones to make calls and connect these deals. That’s it.

So they can hide and you wouldn’t even know what they’re doing. Because you are NOT part of the Big boys and ladies who have connection with the government.


Reason #3: The people doing this business, especially here in Nigeria GUARD it jealously.


They hate sharing the details of this business with other people. I have met a number of them and when you ask them to share some details with you, they just stop talking with you.


The Greedy people. Yes they’re that hard-hearted.


But some of these people seriously the average Nigerian cannot just meet with them to rub minds about their businesses without the help of some very, very, very powerful friends with connections.


I mean, where would you meet someone like Dr. Mike Adenuga, Mrs. Alakija and the likes of them? On the streets of Lagos? You've got to be kidding.



But seriously, because if not for my lucky meeting with my Akure-based friend when I wanted to go into the "Keke Napep" business ...




I Would Never Have Heard Of This Business Too!



But now that I know about it, I’m going to expose this knowledge locked up inside my head until now and share it with you.

Despite what those who are already in this business and who do not want others to know about it think.

I really don’t care about them and what they think anyways. All I care about is that anyone who wants to should have this information and use it to liberate themselves.


Now, why would I do that for you?


Simple: Just like some wealthy people have their worthy own causes by forming their own foundations, T.H.I.S. is Now My Worthy Cause...



 The Earlier You Start The Better…



Because you’re already missing out.

Imagine if you knew about this business opportunity last year, imagine how many oil deals you would have already gotten by now, and how much you would have made by now.


However, know this: You can’t do this business on your own, without someone like me showing it to you.

With me by your side, showing you exactly how to set up these deals, 


For the first time ever , this business has been made public and NOW you too can share in their Oil and Gas Business right from the comfort of you home...


Without any Huge Capital!!


Yes it does require some amount of money to get started but it's quite small, even an undergraduate can raise it.


WARNING: Just imagine how much Mike Adenuga , Femi Otedola and the rest invested into their Oil and Gas business to rake in billions of naira..


But you WON'T even invest up to 1% if you don't think you can raise that little amount of money that can yield you X100times in profits For You , please just close this page and never come back again , because this Mike-Adenuga-Type-Of-Business is clearly NOT for you.


But if you don't mind reaping a 6-7 figure income in profit with a little ONE-Time investment , then by all means....


Do you want to know how the rich are getting rich and the poor are getting poorer , the answer is in the amount of information they have acquired over a period of time.


Do you want to know about the secret of making real money and building a business in the OIL AND GAS SECTOR?


Here is the opportunity you have been waiting for.







In this manual you will learn the following :


 1) How to practically use  LPO's to get supplies on credit.


 2) How to use quotations profitably to close supply sales.


 3) How to use quotations to gain entry into a new or saturated market.


 4) How to get an importation of petroleum products.


 5) How to set up , register , manage or partner with filling stations to make money.


 6) How to become oil deals facilitator/agent and make millions from deals without spending a kobo.


 7) How to get finance and loans for oil and gas business.


 8) How to start without cash get LPO's supplies and big ticket deals and many more.


Here's A Sample Plan For Some Part Of Your Oil Income




School fees



House rent


N1.2 Million









N2.88 Million



Okay, I know you and I have different desires and wants...At least, the above is sample of what I, a 25+ year old guy have used some of my oil income to do.



In this  Oil and Gas business Blueprint, you will discover how simple it is to even Exceed even my own Oil Income. It's a simple business model...


You will finally get introduced and partner with the American oil and gas multi-billion dollar company that pays me regular N800,000+ monthly cheques...


For you, it’s a rare opportunity, one you shouldn’t miss for any reason whatsoever.



Now Let Me Tell You Who This Is Not For…


  • It’s not for you … If you are a lazy person. Simply put I don’t want lazy people coming to learn this business opportunity. They won’t use it anyway. So if you’re lazy, don’t get the blueprint.

  • It’s not for you … If you are not willing to do some work to make your life better. Maybe you just want to continue to live and manage your current lifestyle if you’re okay with it.

  • It’s not for you … If you believe people should do everything for you while you just “siddon and chop”

  • And it’s definitely not for you, if you think you cannot start where Mike Adenuga, Folorunsho Alakija, Femi Otedola started from. They started with an oil business opportunity. Look where they are now. BILLIONAIRES!!!

  • Now I’ll show you a brand new oil business opportunity...

However if you’re the sort of who is willing to…

If you've missed any opportunity in your lifetime and you've regretted it, this oil and gas business manual is like SUCH an opportunity.


Don't repeat that mistake.

For me, it’s a duty To always bring people just like you ...great opportunities... when they come by.



Now, Take A Proven System And Put It Work,

Stick With It, Come Rain Or Sunshine Like

Billionaire Mike Adenuga,  Then This is For You!



Okay, this is where I'm to tell you how much you're to invest to get the Oil and Gas business Blueprint  that made me over N12 Million Naira in 10 months since June 2015...


And this is where I'm supposed to beat down the registration fee so that every Tom, Dick and Harry can get it...


I'm sorry to burst your bubble, I only want serious-minded people who are "TAYAD" of their financial status quo who wouldn't mind making some cool millions within months...


This is why I want to raise the bar a bit  to make it super easy for you to get the blueprint, by asking you to invest...



Only N1,999 TODAY!



I know what you're probably thinking right now...


You're thinking "A cheap N1,999 to teach me something capable of making me over N350,000 and even more per month?"




I originally planned to make this blueprint a flat rate of N5,000 ,but dew to the economic breakdown of the nation, we have decided to reduce the fee to N1,999,  so serious-minded people like you who want to get the blueprint cannot say its out of your reach...


...so you cannot say that the blueprint is over-priced.


Actually, at our other website last year people were paying N5,000 for this.


WARNING: The price will return back to N5,000 in the next 7 working days!


But now, you cannot say people like us who have made it by God's grace hate you and do not want you to get it.






Hurry! Over 37 People Already Ordered

Only 13 Slots Left.




Hurry! Over 37 People Already PAID To Order

Only 13 Slots Left!!! See Below:




So dear friend, Will You be RICH or will You be POOR?


To be P.O.O.R means 
"Passing Over Opportunities Repeatedly" 

And to be R.I.C.H means 
"Residual Income Creates Happiness"


Is this another opportunity that you will pass over?

I mean...

Are you earning an abundance of money right now?
Are you happy with your life?
Are you tired of changing jobs?


Would you love to raise capital to go into other businesses or build your own house?

Do you WANT a successful and fast growing business that can give you enduring riches and let you 
become your own boss forever?


Although there other businesses out there, but you will NEVER see the one that has more advantages than this oil and gas business.


Ask Billionaires Mike Adenuga, Mrs. Folorunsho Alakija, Mr. Femi Otedola if you think I'm lying!


Everything you need to be successful in your oil business I will show you everything all inside the blueprint.



Here’s How To Order For The Blueprint


How to Order  Your New Oil And Gas Business Report

Yes! I want to get access to the Oil and Gas Business Report Today for Just N 5,000 N1,999 only.

On that basis...I am interested!

Order Now For A One-Time Payment of
Only N1,999


STEP A: Pay cash or mobile/online transfer the sum of N1,999 only to the accounts below : 

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

Account Name: Akanni Abel

Account Number: 012-332-3735


 STEP B: After payment, send an email with the SUBJECT of your email saying "Oil and Gas Package"

The content of your email must contain the following:

Full depositors name, teller no (only if you paid cash into the bank), email address, GSM number, The amount paid and the bank name you paid to + date of payment to 08165430336


Once we receive & confirm your payment details, your download link for the entire Oil and Gas Business Report and the bonuses will be sent to you within 30 minutes.

NOTE - Once again, note that all the materials listed on this page are digital and downloadable. That means nothing whatsoever will be shipped.



Unfortunately, this offer is opened to just 50 people and it will end anytime the 50 people spots are filled up for this month.

You know what that means? If you are interested, you must make your payment as soon as you can when this website is still live. Failure to do so means you missed out.

I Took A Training on This Same Topic in

 November 2015. Here are Pictures From The





Everyone was happy. Hardly will you come across a seminar where all participants would be happy after the training. But my last seminar was an exception.


My Money Back Guarantee

I am so confident that this course will benefit you. I stand 100% by my product  and give you a 3O Days Money back guarantee on it. This means that for 30 days you can try my entire home study course. I am prepared to offer you a refund if it does not deliver/teach you what I have detailed up here.



Alright, let's conclude this...

Do you sleep with peace of mind at night knowing your job is safe, your family and the future of your children (or the unborn ones) are secured forever?

If you register and join us, I assure you, it will be a wise choice because your life will change as a result.


If you decide not to join us, it will be stupid, but that’s still a choice. 


I look forward to you making the right choice.


Cheers to the latest set of oil barons and baronesses!



Sincerely yours,


 Akanni Abel


CEO , De_fidelity Marketing Enterprise .


Have questions ?  Call me directly between 8am to 4pm SMS 24/7, Monday to Friday ONLY on 0816-5430-336


P.S: Over 100,000 eager Nigerians are reading this on the internet right now, on newspapers and on fliers so there’s going to be a rush BUT...


P.P.S: Once you MISS this Offer, that’s it. That's it!




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